Organic Hair Care

Modern cosmetic brands of mass consumption offer a wide choice of care products for hair. However, the lion’s share of these products contains components hazardous to health of the person in the structure: sulfates, parabens, silicones, artificial dyes and preservatives. On packings of this production you won’t find words that that at regular use of shampoo, spray or a masque these substances can collect in head skin and lead to unpleasant consequences. Such substance as silicone which it is used in many cosmetics for giving of volume to smoothness and silkiness to hair can provide instant effect of gloss, hair at the same time will become obedient and will well comb hair. But all this time silicones will collect in hair, to make heavier them and to gradually deprive of natural healthy gloss and beauty.
if you face any problem with your hair or skin, a doctor will recommend you to throw away your cosmetics and use organic cosmetics.

Unlike usual hair care products, organic sprays, organic serums, organic oils does not contain sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes, silicones and other products of oil refining.

The composition of organic sprays for hair is enriched with essential oils and natural plant extracts which safety and quality are confirmed with the international BIO-certificates. Natural plants, herbs and fruit  extracts carefully look after hair and head skin, moisture them and sate with useful minerals. All plants are grown up in special environmentally friendly areas without use of GMO, chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Natural components of organic sprays are rich for vitamin and minerals, reconstructing a keratin layer of hair.

organic hair spray

Organic oils for hair are more often made from Jojoba, Acai that makes hair sleek, light, radiant and easy to brush. These oils are made from natural Jojoba and Acai plants without undergoing any chemical proceeding. Natural organic oils help to solve the problem of damaged split ends, dry  and fragile hair. So if you set your hair every day with a dryer, if you have split ends fragile and dry hair organic oils and sprays will cure your hair and breath life into it.

acai oil for hair

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