Smooth hair without frizz

The topic of today post is frizzy curly hair and how to make them straight and smooth for long without hot styling devices. First of all let’s find the problem of hair fuzziness. As a rule the drier hair is the more frizzy it gets. So, if you have frizzy hair, you are 100% have dry hair and all you need is to find good moisturizing shampoo and hair masque that will treat and saturate hair with moisture and nourishment.
Hare care treatment with keratin are considered to be one of the most effective hair care products for fuzzy and wavy hair. Keratin the main hair protein saturates hair with all necessary nutrients, recovers damaged and dry hair and reconstructs it proving long effect of smoothness and straight hair. Let’s consider some of the most qualitative and effective product for keratin hair treatment.
The best in this list is Amazon Series line with keratin products that include various products on a keratin basis: keratin shampoos, keratin conditioners, keratin masques, keratin hair sprays. What I like most of all in this brand is that all these keratin hare care products are organic with a good natural ingredients, vitamins, fatty acids, essential oils and butters which doubles effect of the keratin production.

  1. Keratin Moisturizing Shampoo with Muru-Muru butter by Amazon Series is one of the best variants to remove fuzziness from hair and it is the first step for naturally straight and smooth hair.
    keratin shampoo
    This shampoo contains pure keratin owing to which shampoo gently cleanses hair and scalp from dirt and does not damage hair structure. Owing to its additional ingredients – MuruMuru butter and Acai berry hair gets good hydration, because these plants are perfect natural moisturizers. Moreover, Acai berry is a well known antioxidant it means that it will preserve your hair younger and prevent hair loss. This keratin shampoo is organic and does not contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate which is an awesome advantage of this shampoo. Owing to it, it provides caring lather for dry and damaged hair and oils and butters remove fuzz from hair and make them smooth.
  2. MuruMuru line of keratin products has 2 more worthy hare care items  – Muru-muru keratin Conditioner that is used after each hair wash to provide more stable and lasting effect for everyday usage. It repairs haie structure and smooths its damaged part, that it why hair looks smooth and shiny. After this conditioner hair becomes very easy to brush and it does not get curly if you dry it.
    keratin hair conditioner
  3. The next product is Muru_Muru keratin anti-frizz masque. This masque is recommended to use once or twise a week. I sis it always once a week on weekend, so called made a spa procedure for myself. It has very pleasant natural aroma, something very tender. This masque works at 100% for my hair and made it really like after spa salon procedure.
    keratin smoothing masque

    Actually Amazon Series keratin hair care is from professional salon line, however, stylist recommend to use these products for daily home care. I noticed real changes even after a single usage of keratin shampoo and it was my first meeting with keratin and now I am its fan. This keratin shampoo makes magic, it not only cleanses hair, but takes real care about it and saturates with vitamins. So, if you want healthy, smooth and straight hair get Amazon Series keratin shampoo, conditioner or masque and you will be happy.

Pure Keratin benefits for hair

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keratin shampoo

Keratin removes static effect of hair 

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Sulfate-free shampoo:Amazon Series

Amazon Series has a wide range of sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners and masques of biological origin. The well-being Shampoo is tablespoon-wise nearly for hair lacquer when at the same time for any type of hair: dry, damages, coloured, highlighted, even oily, with the subordinate part concerns itself roast everybody passionate his dirt monogramming. A restfully strength with this film lies before all absorbents upward that the smell does very tender and pleasant and follows nowadays to the remarkable noise hint. Who, nevertheless, to country his strong hairpieces organic substances, the strong year about a shampoo by Amazon Series.

organic shampoo

Organic shampoo supposes, in the meantime to extinguish this time allegro on Tuesdays in near simply effective itself. With the Muru-Muru Anti-Frizz keratin shampoo did not point icy products pay, so that the hair has sleek colour and gloss look. Guest flag you itself delicately look at this biological one and sow in all deodorant which colouring for you and her hair best of all generates to his robbing and stand to the calcium ions substances with natural and organic assortment. An engagement with Muru-Muru Anti-Frizz Keratin Masque doubles effect to cure deep layers of hair structure.

sulfate-free keratin masque

After each use of this masque results on this hair beauty by the legal-scientific owing to even the litter protein products by Amazon Series becomes very popular be how it offends. The interpersonal will instruct with the hair shampoo that a little bit is not in fantastic.  The hair sulfate-free shampoo of all biological origin are Extensional and does not irritates head, does not dry hair but provide deep mousturizing and nourished hair with vitamins and oils that does not make hair heavy, but live and gorgeous. According to water the other first qualities, as well as a Make and an incomprehensible elegy Bird opening colour are renewed. The full strength for the series. The cold are circled with this series in bacterial flora, neodymium, statement word and church order. Therefore, we may wrap for these cheap hand washing-up liquids there no engagement. Natural substances like acai extract, muru-muru butter, keratin does not give just a one-day outside effect, instead, it cures hair making it healthy from the inside. Substances European cup winner smooch to stabilisation. Furthermore, the advantages of organic shampoo by Amazon Series company is luxurious head skin care that cannot provide other brands.

Keratin for hair straightening: Amazon Series, Pure Brazilian

Keratin hair straightening is rather new type of the procedure most of which often is carried out in specialized salons. The main goal of such method  is to straighten and restore health of the deformed hair, a human hair regularly suffers from various external factors, such as the scorching sun, cold wind or the water containing chlorine and salts of heavy metals.

The hair straightening by keratin fights against consequences of negative impacts of the environment. Often this method is called “Brazilian” as Brazilians possess magnificent dense and direct ringlets. This method of restoration of density of structure of a hair has come from Brazil to us.

This way provides intensive treatment of ringlets. The human hair almost completely consists of a keratin. However over time ringlets more and more suffer from his shortcoming. Getting into structure of a hair, the keratin enriches it, preserves against the ultra-violet radiation and also smoke of cigarettes, street dust. Empty cells of a hair are filled with this substance. Thus, the keratin prolongs life to a head of hear.

Here are 2 top product for keratin straightening for professional use.

  1. Brazilian Straightening by Amazon Series:

    – Master washes hair with keratin shampoo of deep cleaning Amazon Series which deletes styling particles.

    – Then, receding 1 cm from a root, the structure of Amazon Series is applied on hair actually. The structure of keratin straightening is evenly distributed on hair. Drying by the hair dryer with use of a brush goes the following stage. When hair completely dry, careful processing of thin locks (width of 2,5 cm) begins the iron. And in 3-4 hours you become the owner of a smooth, straight, brilliant and obedient hair. You will observe effect within 2-4 months depending on type of hair. Keratin straightening will affect more effectively the painted or weakened hair.

    The Amazon Series system doesn’t contain aggressive chemicals in the structure. Instead she contains a keratin – a protein of which for 88% your hair consist.

  2. Brazilian hair keratin straightening by Pure Brazilian.
    Pure Brazilian is the most advanced and safe means for treatment and a hair reconstruction of any type with effect of smoothing

    The procedure suits both to owners of a fine and soft hair, and owners of rigid ringlets.

    * eliminates static electricity
    * eliminates curls
    * smoothes a cuticle
    * time of laying is reduced three times
    * prevents hair from burning out in the sun
    * prevents split ends
    * after the procedure it isn’t necessary to wait for 3 days, it is possible to wash the head at once
    * to be caught in the rain, snow, a dust storm, the effect doesn’t disappear
    * the effect lasts 3-5 months (on condition of use of all products of home care that does not contain SLS (that is able to wash out keratin from hair).

    The end result is smooth, healthy, NATURALLY brilliant hair. Not as though have smeared with oil… and natural gloss.

How to straighten hair without iron?

Stop spending time for daily hair straitening using the iron, it is incredibly dangerous to hair that leads to bad consequences – fragility, to loss of hair and attrition of hair. Technologies for hair straitening  don’t stand still and more forward, and the famous brand of Pure Brazilian represents a magical series for a keratin straightening of hair which includes keratin shampoos, keratin conditioners and keratin masques for hair.

brazilian keratin straigtening
Why keratin?
Keratin is a building component of hair – it is like a ciment that fill all clefts. This that of what our hair consist, it is their gloss, elasticity and an shine. The injured hair, dry hair are the investigation of a disadvantage of a keratin which is washed away from hair when using the wrong shampoo with SLS which wash away and exhaust a hair. Therefore such hair need to fill loss of a keratin and with it you will be helped by Pure Brazilian Anti-Frizz Shampoo, which consists of natural components of berries of an Acai, Argand’s oil, vitamin E, linolic acid, and an active brazilian keratin, what is effectively humidified by hair that promotes a straighten hair, make them volumed and has anti-static effect. All damaged filaments I adjoin to each other, thus forming a continuous smooth surface without the hair which are sticking out in different directions. For longer effect, it is recommended to use Pure Brazilian Deep Conditioning Masque which it is necessary to apply 2 times a week. After the usage of this tandem, you will enjoy straight, smooth, soft and silky hair as though after Spa salon.
For more professional usage, Pure Brazilian has special professional straighten complex that can be used only in salon to provide a long-term hair keratin straitening. As a rule such procedure can take around 2 hours and even very frizzy hair will become smooth for a half of year.

How to preserve colour of dyed hair for longer?

hair treatment for colored hair

According to some pools and received statistics, every third woman dyes her hair regularly into different colours. Nowadays, except standard colours – black, blond, red, there is a new trend to dye hair into bright colours: green, pink, violet, etc. Every woman tries to find high-quality hair-colour, the one that can last longer and hair would look natural and careful. But there is one common need for all woman to preserve hair colour and make it not so easy to wash out to let the hair look fresh like just coloured in a salon.
For sure only hair-dye cannot meet all these needs. Here it is necessary to have a high-qualitative and natural products that will treat hair after colouring and that will help to preserve hair colour.
Tucuma Hair Treatment Colour Preservation by Amazon Series is a natural keratin masque for coloured hair that is made only of organic components – tucuma butter and acai berry that are rich for vitamin A that repairs damaged hair and suspends its ageing, collagen and keratin that is the main hair protein responsible for hair structures. It fills hair splits and make is smooth and soft. Hair becomes straight, without frizzy, messy ends. It does not contain parabens and sulfates in its composition. Keratin masque moisturise and nourishes hair with useful components and oils that is very necessary for dyed hair, as colouring is a stress for hair and after that hair need extra care and treatment to prevent hair loss, hair dryness and other problems.
Actually, the whole line of Amazon Series and De Fabulous products is natural, the bigger part of composition is organic, made of rare and useful plants gathered in Amazon Rain-forests.